This was taken at Durham Lumiere in November 2011. It is one of the forty-ish light shows they had on, although I think I only managed to see four. This is a light/water exhibit titled ‘Splash’ by Peter Lewis, and is an illuminated waterfall coming off Kingsgate footbridge. The water was actually more of a spray coming from several jets placed along the length of the bridge, and the light changed colour every 30 seconds of so. I think the juxtaposition here between the solid concrete architecture and the soft, flowing water makes quite a strong image, and so I obviously tried quite a number of different compositions.

Technically, this is quite a difficult scene to capture on camera because of the extreme dark shadows and the very bright light. Fortunately, modern camera metering is pretty good, and with a bit of trial and error and help from Lightroom, I got all the detail I wanted.

by Tim Daniels - lapseoftheshutter.com

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