Another roof, but taken in the daytime next to the sea. I like trying to spot these abstract compositions when out and about as it can provide something a bit different and a bit unexpected. This shot was converted to black and white and split-toned to help bring some contrast to the photo, but also to smooth the transition between the sea and the building.

by Tim Daniels -

North Berwick Pier

The old pier at North Berwick in Scotland. This is only visible at low tide, which fortunately coincided with a sunset in just the right direction. This kind of sunset is always a very impressive one to watch. As the sun begins to get close to the horizon, it moves behind a low wall of cloud that attenuates the brightness. The red orb that you are left with always seems to be particularly impressive.

This is actually a fairly old shot, taken with a poor quality point-and-shoot camera. Despite this, I hope it shows that the quality of equipment isn’t necessarily everything. Composition and processing are together far more important.

by Tim Daniels -

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