Another roof, but taken in the daytime next to the sea. I like trying to spot these abstract compositions when out and about as it can provide something a bit different and a bit unexpected. This shot was converted to black and white and split-toned to help bring some contrast to the photo, but also to smooth the transition between the sea and the building.

by Tim Daniels -


The corrugated roof of a warehouse, taken at night. For this, I had to put the ISO up to 3200, which is pretty obvious when you look at the sky. I think the noise adds something to the photo though. It makes it feel less flat and a bit of noise always seems to work with black and white. Although the roof of the warehouse is a direct black and white conversion, the sky is slightly toned so that it stands out. Fortunately, I didn’t have to add a vignette, as shooting with the lens wide open provided one for me!

by Tim Daniels -


Thatched roofs make an appearance in a lot of English villages. I’m not sure exactly how old this house is, but it certainly isn’t modern, despite the TV aerial coming out of the roof! I believe thatch tends to last for about 20 years before it has to be redone. If you do happen to see this, it’s definitely worth stopping for a while. The craft of thatching a roof is quite impressive to watch.

This particular photo is an HDR from a single RAW file. Although the building as a whole was quite interesting, picking a single area/detail and focussing on that can show the ‘spirit’ of the whole much more than a wide angle shot of the whole building could.

by Tim Daniels -

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