This is a bit of an experiment with using various textures and colours. I originally took this shot not because it seemed anything particularly special, but because it would provide a good starting point to try out some ideas on. And it has been quite useful in that respect.

Museum Field

Walking through these gardens near to sunset, it was difficult not to notice the beautiful light spreading across the well-manicured lawns and trees. I decided to set up near this tree, so that it would provide a frame for the ground, with the branches also leading straight to the setting sun.

I made the slightly unusual decision for me to shoot five exposures to create this HDR, and I’m glad I did. I think the end result is much stronger than would have been achieved with just the standard three exposures covering four stops of light. The detail in the grass and tree trunk in particular seem to have come out very well. I have some similar shots taken on the same evening as this, but from different viewpoints, that I will be showing over the next few days, so keep watching!

A garden at sunset

by Tim Daniels -


Looking through an open gate. This is a split toned black and white conversion of this wrought iron, Victorian era gate. I pushed the levels on the plant life behind the gate so that it would appear much brighter than the gate and would become visually separated from it. These gates always seem to make a statement about a garden through being so impressive. Personally, I always find these man-made parts of cottage gardens to be the crucial aspect that determines if a garden as a whole is successful or not.

by Tim Daniels -

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