St. Paul’s from the Millenium Bridge

With a few hours to spare in London recently, I spent the better part of an afternoon walking around the central part of the city, getting a lot of photos of otherwise very well photographed sites. Having never really taken any pictures in London before, I thought it probably best to get these better known locations out of the way first.

This is a fairly common shot of St. Paul’s cathedral from the Millenium Bridge (built 11 years ago obviously). I arrived here at the perfect time to take photos in a city, just as the lights get switched on, but when there is still light in the sky. Unfortunately, the light is all gone within half-an-hour, so there’s plenty of locations I’ll need to revisit, but this one at least is pretty much done.

by Tim Daniels -

Oxborough III

This shot is of the bridge over the moat that leads to the entrance to Oxborough Hall, between the two towers. This building is something in the region of 600 years old, at least in part. I imagine this entranceway is one of the older sections, as it contains master bedrooms in the towers.

The thing I am most surprised about with this building is that it has surivived for so long with the moat around it. Water is lapping against the brickwork, as you can see in the green staining, yet it has somehow been kept out of the building for all these years, and hasn’t allowed the building to sink into the water. I suppose even ancient engineers knew what they were doing.

A view of the entrance to Oxborough Hall

by Tim Daniels -

Bait’s Bite Lock

I’ve tried something slightly different with the processing for this one. I actually did most of the processing in Lightroom, before making three separate exposures from the RAW file and passing these through Photomatix. The end result is actually not too different from running the picture through several Photoshop plugins after Photomatix.

This particular picture is of Bait’s Bite Lock in Milton. I suppose this is the ‘classic’ view, as there is a nice little platform you can stand on to take this picture or set up a chair and easel to make a painting. This is a cropped single shot, as shooting thisĀ  as a panorama would have resulted in problems where the clouds don’t match up.

by Tim Daniels -

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