Durham Lumiere

This is the ‘I Love Durham’ snow-dome of the Durham Lumiere festival. The statue is there year-round, mostly, although the dome over the top isn’t. Although this is a long exposure, if you look at the lights, you will see some balls highlighted that were flying around the inside of the dome.

Obviously, there was also a crush of people around here, which left me enough time to get the tripod up above everyone’s heads and shoot this. As the camera was also above my head, I had to guess at the composition, and had to take plenty of shots thanks to the legs of the tripod constantly being kicked.

by Tim Daniels - lapseoftheshutter.com

White Fence

An iron white fence disappearing into the distance. I took this as something of a test shot when I first bought the Canon 100 mm macro lens. It has a maximum aperture of f/2.8, allowing for this kind of depth of field trick that I had wanted to try for some time. I’ve had plenty more opportunity to use this lens in a similar way over the couple of years since I took this photo, and I think it’s safe to say that this approach doesn’t get old. Although I mainly use the lens for landscape work now, where it is focussed on infinity, shallow depth of field shots are still very much an interesting sideline.

by Tim Daniels - lapseoftheshutter.com


Speeding down a tree lined avenue. There seem to be a lot of long, straight single laned roads around. A great number of them are also lined by trees. Whenever I come across one of these in Autumn, I always make sure to get some kind of picture, but it can be difficult to think of new ways of shooting this kind of scene.

In this case, I though a nice bit of blur would make the picture complete. Of course, it is added in post-production, as shooting thrree exposures for an HDR whilst moving is a little bit more than difficult. I masked the blur through, so that it is on full for the road surface, but slightly reduced for the trees so that you can see the trunks and branches.

by Tim Daniels - lapseoftheshutter.com

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